Spent the Whole Day at the Track

Myself, Jackie, Whit and Lane all spent the whole day at the track today. We are involved in a very small way in one of those horse racing syndicates and the horse we invested in was out at the track for the first time. Of course he looked a bit like a rookie at the starting gates and that was not all that heartening. If you have not ever been to a race you probably have no idea how dangerous it is. A thoroughbred is a large and powerful beast, it obviously has it’s own mind and they all have unique personalities. What you want is to get a horse who wants to get out on that track and show those other horses his backside. The real champions are always people, and in this case, animals who have the overwhelming desire to be the best. Continue reading

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Thinking About How to Design Fashions

The other day I was out on Nelson Street in Bristol. I was there to talk to these people at a place called Dry Cry Ltd. It was a very usual business call. We talked about their business and we discussed whether or not my business coincided with theirs. Of course I am looking to sell what I can, but I will buy too. At any rate they make what are called Street fashions and it got me to thinking about who decides what is fashion and whether or not just any person can design something and call it fashion. I am aware that you can go to the Imperial College of Fashion, in fact I have been there myself. It is not as though you can just randomly decide that you are a fashion designer. Continue reading

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I Got a Job in the Financial District

I sort of lucked in to this position. It was not like I was looking for a new job, but I go to see this personal trainer in Canary Wharf and nearly all of his clients are in the financial industry like me. Of course every bank in the world is located right in that are, you have a big tower with one huge bank on just about every corner of that part of the city of London. Of course I listen to this guy, because he keeps his ears open and it not like he is some muscle bound dolt like a lot of the guys who hang out in gyms. Continue reading

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Injured While on a Vacation

When I hurt my back while on a family vacation, I had to find the chiropractors in Devizes. Normally I would go to the doctor in my city, but I was in a different country, so I didn’t exactly have that luxury. The last thing I wanted to do while on a vacation was to get an injury. Not only is it harder to find a medical professional in an area that you aren’t familiar with, but having an injury while on a vacation puts a damper on all the fun that you might want to have.

I always carry my smart phone with me, and on vacation is no exception. My phone uses sim cards, so I can still get service in another country as long as I have the right sim card for it. I got a card for everyone in my family so we could all communicate with each other. Continue reading

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Doing a Bit of Flight Training

Tandem Skydiving in San Diego : 0I started out on the ground the other day. This guy who is teaching me is the pilot at one of the big skydiving places in the London area. If you went down to Nethavon (it is a village on the River Avon and the A 345) you would be able to look up and seeing people jumping out of planes quite regularly. They have skydiving and tandem skydiving, which I am thinking about trying myself. It is a bit scary of course, but you are not alone and you do not have to do that much. In fact you are nothing more than a passenger. It would be best if you picked out a guy who really knew what he was doing to be in charge of pulling the thing that opens the parachute. I think that you have a big ring on the parachute harness that causes the chute to open. Continue reading

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Best Trainers for Raising Race Horses

I have been betting on horse races ever since I was old enough to do so. It is a habit that I picked up from my father, and I have always enjoyed it. I have lost a lot of money betting on horses, but I have also made a good bit of money too. I am hoping to make some more money, by owning horses. I have purchased some race horses, and now I am going to need to have them trained. I want to have them trained by the best, and there is no way that I would entrust my horses to a trainer that has not produced champions in the past.

I know it is going to cost more, in order to hire a better trainer, but it is something that I am willing to pay for. If it means my horses win, then it is worth paying for. Continue reading

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It Was Easy As Pie

There are many uses for cctv kits, the most notable of them would be the ability to drop your cable provider if you wanted to. It will help your tv, new or old pick up the local stations that are around you. This is not a viable option for you if you live out in the country, but if you are in a bigger city than you are in luck because they will definitely have a lot of local stations for you to pick up. What is better though is that the cctv kits often times come with a dvr so that you can record your favorite programming without even being there. I was never really a supporter of the dvr generation, but once I got one that all changed. It really is one of the best devices that I own, I’m not really sure how I would get around to watching anything without it. If you are on the fence about buying one I definitely recommend it.

For the longest time I over paid for my cable services, I decided that I did not want to do that anymore so I went out and looked at all my options. This was one of them, and after long hours of debate with myself I settled on cancelling my subscription and grabbing this. I live in a bigger city, so without the cable box I end up getting about fourteen channels. I know that a lot of smaller cities don’t get that many, and that’s something that you need to consider when you are looking into making the switch. It was definitely worth it for me as I usually only watched primetime programming on the news stations anyways. So I got all of that with the new cctv kit that I installed into my home. It was great though, the installation was easy as pie.

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  1. AT&T Reviews

    5409 W Saginaw Highway
    Average Rating: 5 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

    Review by Erica D.
    Stellar customer service that really went above and beyond on what could easily have been a frustrating visit.

    The assistant manager, Katie, was very…
    Rating: 5

  2. P T O’malley’s Reviews

    East Lansing
    210 Abbott Rd
    Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (14 Reviews)

    Review by Erica D.
    P.T.’s is made for the drunken dancer. That would be me.

    The place is packed full of the freshest, newest legal drinkers, but people are generally less…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Laura S.
    one of the greats in EL.

    I have spent way to many nights/days sitting up at the bar drinking myself crazy.

    Monday’s are the nights to go for cheap cheap…
    Rating: 5

    Review by Nicole W.
    This place is the jam. PTs…you are so right.

    The right crowd, the right music.
    The right amount of space for playing quarters, and the right amount of…
    Rating: 4

  3. T & D Coney Grill Reviews

    1731 W Grand River Ave
    Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (11 Reviews)

    Review by Zach S.
    The food was very good but the service was terrible. It took 45 minutes for eggs and a burger. They said it was because the burger took longer. Seems like…
    Rating: 3

    Review by Larry K.
    When you are hungry….. Needed to find a place for breakfast this morning, the coeds were all packing the usual spots in EL after the Spartan victory…
    Rating: 3

    Review by Mark W.
    I have been here a few time because it is in my neighborhood & I’m an optimist. Went today after church with family & found enough things wrong that I…
    Rating: 2

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Is It Hard to Make a Web Page?

Of course it is not as though there are not already a lot of web pages which you can get stuff from. You can go find a site where you can buy vintage lingerie and quality sex toys at the same time. You can get just about any thing you want off of Amazon dot com and they have a competitor that used to be called buy dot com. Now it is something dumb like Rakuten dot com or something like that. At any rate I got to wondering if it is all that hard to do that stuff. There are short cuts that you can take to sell stuff on the web. For instance you can use the Amazon dot com Marketplace. That is where other vendors sell stuff, but Amazon's web page is where you find them and most of the time they are doing the work that is required.

That is the thing. I used to work across the street from this place that had a tool catalog. They built these car lifts that were a big deal for them, but they also sold all sorts of cheap Chinese tools and hardware. They had half a dozen guys who did nothing except pack up stuff pretty much from the time that they got in until the time that they left. Of course they always had like three or four UPS trucks come by in the afternoon and then they would come back later. I am sure that was not a big deal to UPS, they probably have customers who have UPS workers move in with them pretty much to streamline that part of it. It would be a big deal for me to do that sort of stuff in my spare time. It would be easier to let Amazon do it.

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An Efficient Way to Boost Sales

Check out Pauls website here to get started if you have never heard of SEO, but want to jump right into a way to make your site more successful and popular. For those of you who are more skeptical, realize that investing into search engine optimization is by far one of the easiest ways to bring new traffic to a website. Any website that is being taken seriously probably has a budget assigned to marketing and advertising, but many companies overlook the potential for optimizing the searches that are relevant to their company and their products.

This is a serious flaw, because even with potent advertising campaigns and other plans, search engines like Google are still often a large source of traffic. The bottom line is that there are so many websites out there that most people cannot keep track of them all, even if they have seen the website on a billboard or television ad somewhere. Instead if somebody needs to buy a product, they are likely going to search for the term and see what companies can deliver what they need. Obviously companies that are towards the top of the list have a better chance of being chosen. Not only will they be spotted first, but customers tend to trust higher ranked results more often.

The bottom line is that by optimizing these details and ensuring customers can find the site, your business will get new customers and sales. This upfront investment will continue to pay out for some time as well, since the gains will continue to bring in new customers as long as the website is still up. Of course this all relies on the initial optimization being effective, because it needs to be done in a way that will fit the search engine algorithms for rankings.

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Improving the Quality of Work

Understanding what is important to employees within a corporate infrastructure is one of the most effective solutions to creating a positive work environment and promoting a high quality of work. I've been highly aware of the need of such a program in our company for some time now as it appears that more and more employees are feeling listless about the work that they do. This listlessness is having a profound impact on the quality of the work that is being done. Due to this, they decided to employ the 360 feedback program with the hope that it would help encourage a more friendly work environment.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work that we do, which requires an emotionally stable state of being as well as a sound state of mind, it can be easy for many of us to experience burn out. This is well known and documented so we are routinely cycled in and out of different departments so we don't all have to work on what can be graphic and heart breaking data collection. I can't exactly go into detail regarding the nature of the work that we do. Even for the most sane of us, it can be hard.

I am thankful that they have managed to take the advice of several employees by integrating a feedback system like this. It is going to go a long way in helping bridge the gap that exists between regular 'grunt' employee and the management who oversee the ongoing projects we're currently handling. It's also my hope that the human resource department will be given the tools to identify problematic employees or employees who are not handling stress well enough earlier in order to avoid any potential psychological or emotional damage. Yeah, the work we do is that sensitive.

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Using CCTV Systems to Deter Crime

I bought a store that is a standalone building. It has cameras inside to help prevent retail theft and shrinkage through purloining done by employees. We did not have any cameras outside. Crime in the neighborhood and people hanging around the back of the building prompted me to pay to have CCTV systems added to the outside of the building. I wanted to help keep employees safe. Cameras do act as a deterrent. Criminals do not want their face on TV. They want to operate in secret. I had cameras installed outdoors and big signs put up about video surveillance being in progress.

I knew that people were up to no good around the back of the building. The cameras and signs deterred all but the most hardcore of the bunch. Having the police show up when activity was detected on camera that was of a questionable nature got the other ones to choose to go somewhere else to do their criminal thing. The surveillance footage helped in prosecuting one offender who will be in jail for a good time to come.

People need to take back their neighborhoods. Doing nothing lets crime run rampant. We deterred crime in a non-violent manner just using CCTV systems and recorded footage. The high resolution cameras with the ability to see in the dark made all the difference. The criminals could not hide in the absence of daylight. The infrared emitters lit up the night like it was day. Our camera system is still deterring crime around our property and even across the street. I am trying to talk other business owners into adding more cameras to their setups for surveillance. That, and a few more warning signs about video surveillance will clear the streets around here of those who want to operate in the dark.

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Whatever I uncover – Interior Design Made Fun And Easy

It may be hard to believe, but a basement can be decorated. This part of a house tends to be the most gloomiest and darkest. Use light colors on the walls, add lighting and even hang curtains that are a light color.All of your furniture does not have to point towards the entertainment system. You can take advantage of other parts of the room by arranging furniture to create features like a conversation space. You can sit down and relax with a friend while enjoying a cup of tea. Use area rugs on cold types of flooring. To ensure that the carpets wear evenly, rotate them frequently. Changing locations or a quick flip or spin can help extend your rug's good looks.It is important that any room has sufficient lighting. It has the ability to set the mood and can attract attention in certain directions. Bright lights give out a positive vibe that is good for bathrooms and kitchens. Bright lights can also be too much for a room that you are looking to relax in. Therefore, use dimmer lights in your bedrooms or living rooms to create this calming mood. If you have many things in the room already, avoid using too much stuff on your walls. Some individuals have more things than others. If you See A Great Deal More
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Learn To Buy A Home Within Minutes

For prime real estate pay close attention to the reputation of the schools in the area. Even if you don't have children, schools that are held in higher esteem usually indicate a better neighborhood. These neighborhoods are typically safer and more affluent, though they do not always cost a fortune to live in.When you purchase a property, extra funds should always be available for unexpected costs that are bound to arise. You can get a good idea of the closing costs if you add the down payment, taxes and what the bank charges. Closing costs might consist of extra fees such as taxes, bonds, or fees based on the local area.Before shopping for a new home, it is wise to have an initial consultation with a mortgage lender. By doing this, it is possible to receive a pre-qualification or pre-approval, which gives buyers increased credibility in the eyes of sellers. This process also helps buyers understand exactly how much house they can afford and helps narrow their home search parameters.If a new potential rental property has a garden, make sure you ask your landlord about it. Certain rentals make it a requirement for you to clean the garden or yard on your own or hire someone else to See A Great Deal More
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What You Must Know About The Craft Of Woodworking

Woodworking is a craft and a skill that has been around for centuries. It is a valuable trade to have experience with and can be infinitely useful in many ways. Skilled woodworkers can earn a good living with their hands and many enjoy woodworking just for the joy of it. If you have any pockets on the shirt you are wearing, remove everything from them before you start working with a table saw. It is very common for objects like pens and rulers to fall from your pocket and get caught in the blade, which can lead to some pretty serious injuries.If you have a high skill level when it comes to woodworking you may want to think about taking some time to share your knowledge with others. You can keep it simple by recording what you do step-by-step or you could take it to a higher level and teach a class.Watching woodworkers may be the easiest way for you to learn the craft. There are a lot of videos out there to help you find out how to use different tools. You may be able to watch videos that will cover your whole project.Be certain you have the right protection for your ears. Machinery causes a lot of noise, which can damage your ears. Continued exposure to the noise can cause some See A Great Deal More
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Owners might need to comprehend – Make The Best Goals Using Email Marketing

Personalizing your email marketing will make it more important in the eyes of your reader. A customer who feels they're just getting a form letter, the same as everyone else, is more likely to delete it without reading. Take your personalization past simply adding a name into the first line of the email. You should understand when, why and how they subscribed to your emails. Use all this information in the message you send them. Getting permission is of the utmost importance before you send someone an email. If you do not, your emails will be viewed as spam. You will quickly lose subscribers and be banished to the junk mail pile. If you have people complaining to your email provider, you might get taken offline for violating their policies. Now that you've learned quite a bit about email marketing, it's important that you let that knowledge sink in. So, you'll want to read this article a few times to ensure you retain all of the tips to help you reach your goals. Marketing via email is an adept way to keep your customers and clients informed about your business. Use the information in the article you went over when creating an email marketing campaign and you will see it do well. See A Great Deal More
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Great Tips About How To Make Money Online That Anyone Can Use

If you have a blog or website ready to go, think about selling advertising space on it. You will earn money each time one of your visitors stops what they are doing and clicks on the ad. The best way to be successful and earn money with pay-per-click advertising is to have a good website that offers valuable information. This will increase your traffic flow as well as the number of clicks you are getting. Google AdSense is one program that can get you started.Design and build websites for people on the web to make some extra cash on the side. This is a great way to showcase the skills that you have using programs like Kompozer. Take a class beforehand on website design if you want to brush up on your skills before starting up.Complete surveys for money. There are many different surveys you can take. This can net you some extra dough. But know, these surveys never pay a lot. The upside is being able to do these while you sit and relax. The money that is earned can build quickly, also.You should never put all of your hope into one online job. It's better to have more than one online source of income. The reason for this is because the Internet is always changing. While one day a business See A Great Deal More
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Precisely what I feel – Use These Ideas And Increase Your Gold Knowledge Today!

Just like you would do a price comparison on a vehicle you are interested in purchasing, make sure you go to more than one place to inquire about the value of your gold. Different shops and dealers are going to quote you different prices. Get the most money possible for your jewelry.Do not immediately discount pawn shops as a place to sell your gold. They will often buy pieces that other stores do not want to buy because they are not always looking to buy simply to melt a piece down. You can also haggle prices in a pawn shop, meaning you might get a better deal than you expected. There is no regulation on the sale price of gold, so be ready to do a little negotiating. There is typically room in the initial offer for a bit of negotiation, so go for it. If you don't, you'll definitely be coming out on the losing side of the sale or purchase. When selling gold, don't be surprised if the buyer does a scratch test on the gold. This test helps prove the karat fineness of the gold in hand so that a proper price can be determined. This is a totally normal practice and often done, so don't be alarmed by it.It is important to understand the type of scale your gold dealer uses. Some dealers See A Great Deal More
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We Are Having a Great Time in Greece

Obviously Ann and I are not really living like the jet set over here, but we have been able to sneak off for a nice vacation in the Greek Isles. The two of us have been studying in Milan, Italy and of course I have a part time job at the NATO air base in Aviano Italy. They need interpreters to help them out on occasion and I speak a few languages quite well. We thought about going to Switzerland or the South of France, both of which are easily driven to from Milan. Instead we got a Paros accommodation and we have been doing some scuba diving here. It is really beautiful here and Ann is doing yoga as well. See A Great Deal More

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My Viewpoint – How To Keep From Being Crippled By Anxiety

Think about the positive things that are going on in your life. Try to think about these positive things each evening and morning. Focusing on positive things is a good way to eliminate negativity and get rid of the sources of anxiety.Learn about how amino acids can be used as an anxiety treatment or even a cure. It's common for people to find that they're not getting enough of certain nutrients, and that their bodies aren't producing enough serotonin. A lot of good books, like the Mood Cure, talk about treatment regimens that you can apply using retail supplements to manage or even eliminate anxious feelings.Figure out which negative people can you minimize your time with. Negative people affect you in negative ways. Surround yourself with friends who are optimistic to help you gain a positive outlook on life and the many issues that you are eventually going to come across. Look for ways in which you can distract yourself from being anxious. One great technique for getting your mind off of anxiety is to concentrate your mind on a different task, such as reading a challenging book or solving a word puzzle. The best way to reduce anxiety is to stop thinking so much, and spend time See A Great Deal More
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Some Simple Yet Effective Ideas And Tips About Network Marketing

The most important thing you can do in network marketing is to remember that it is a business, and it should be treated like one. Do not expect to get rich in a few days. You have to work extremely hard at network marketing if you want to succeed. If you are willing to commit yourself every day, you are far more likely to become successful with your networking strategy.It is said we should calculate what we spend every month and multiply it by nine to see how much we will need in the case of an emergency. Network marketing can give you that money and much more! If you're a network marketer, your customers' needs should be your primary concern. If your customers are not happy, your business definitely will not succeed. You should try to spend about 80% of your time listening to customers and 20% of your time talking to them. You will always need to learn new things if you want to make your network marketing company grow. Spend time daily reading business books, social media books, business books and other literature designed to inspire success. You can learn a lot of webinars; try to attend ones hosted by network marketers that are having a lot of success, whether they're from your See A Great Deal More
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Finest Six Hints – Helping You Figure Out Cats With These Easy Tips

Don't use products with phenol in a house with a cat. Lysol and Pine-Sol are two examples of products that contain this chemical. Cats hate the smell of phenol and continuously exposing them to it could cause liver problems later in their lives. To keep your cat using the litter box, always keep it clean. No matter what kind of scented or special formula litters you may use, nothing is a substitute for removing clumps and used litter several times a day. Keep your litter box in a quiet area of your home.You now have a few more obstacles that you can confidently prevent by applying the advice you read above. Similar scenarios are likely to come up before long and your relationship with your cat may benefit from them. Handle each problem just like the tips suggested and watch where the band goes. Sometimes it seems as if your cat is sleeping all of his 9 lives away, however, this is perfectly normal. It is not unusual for cats to sleep up to 16 hours per day, and even more. Much of their sleep is light sleep, an instinct that keeps them ready in the event that a predator is nearby. About 25 percent of their sleep is deep sleep, where they dream and conserve energy. Cats love to sleep-a See A Great Deal More
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Tips To Help You Take Pictures Like A Pro!

Leave yourself some "Lead Room" or "Active Space" when dealing with subjects that move in your shots. This is just basically some empty space either in front of the subject or behind the subject. This makes for a less-cluttered and more pleasing action shot for the viewer to look at. If you're going to be taking photographs, get a case that protects your equipment and your camera. Protecting your equipment properly is essential to preventing accidental damage. The protective cases can be located in a myriad of places, check out the local camera store, or electronics shop.Generally, you will get a good shot for every twenty, but don't discard anything you shoot. Having a large portfolio that includes all of your work, not just the best photos, can really help you to show off your work, and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. This is a tip you can use in photography. When you know how the shutter speed affects your photographs, you can manipulate them to add interest to your pictures. These are labeled S, A, M an P on your camera. "P" means program mode. This function is for your camera to automatically detect various aspects of lighting and will adjust the shutter speed and aperture See A Great Deal More
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Those things that I acquire – Your All-In-One Guide To The World Of Insurance

Obtain insurance as you need it if you are trying to save money. Whether you have a state requirement or a family to think of, you want to avoid getting insurance because it sounds established. If you don't need the insurance, you can avoid high costs by just waiting. Tell your insurance company if you are a teetotaler or don't smoke. Some insurance companies offer discounts to people like you. Also, notify your insurance company if you have a car alarm, since this can lead to a discount for you due to the fact that your car is less likely to get stolen. Be sure you receive every discount you are eligible for.Look over your coverage on a yearly basis and ensure that it is still the best suitable option for your current situation. For example, it's possible to take the collision coverage off your vehicle that has gotten older, been paid off, or has dropped significantly in value. Consider changing your insurance if your family is a different size or you have new medical needs.If you have just bought an insurance policy, be sure that the company sends you a hard copy. This physical copy will allow you to see that your local agent forwarded your payment to the provider of your policy.As See A Great Deal More
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My own Observation – Avoid Diabetes Complications By Following These Steps

If you want to limit diabetes' effects on your everyday life, then stop smoking. Diabetes and the effects of smoking can both inhibit blood flow. Even worse, it can cause quite a spike in blood sugar levels. Consult your physician about available methods for terminating your smoking habit.There are many easy ways to make the foods you love healthier. You can still enjoy your favorite foods with some modifications. Identify ways to transform these foods into healthier options. You can find a lot of recipes online and there are many cookbooks made just for those with diabetes. If you are a pregnant woman and believe you might be a carrier of gestational diabetes, you should consult with a trusted doctor immediately. By not controlling gestational diabetes, you are putting the health of yourself and your baby in jeopardy. Your physician could prescribe medication that is safe for pregnant women and he could also give you advice on what to eat. It is normal for your blood sugar level to spike in response to low glucose treatments. This means could mean that you are eating and drinking more than you should to fix your low level or that your body is releasing hormones to make up for the See A Great Deal More
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Check out this – Want To Become A Better Soccer Player? Read These Tips!

Try playing soccer indoors on occasion rather than outdoors. When you play inside, you are on a smaller field. This forces you to improve ball control and focus. You will also have to make quicker decisions. Doing this can really improve your game on the outdoor field. While setting individual goals is important in soccer, remember the goals of your team, too. A soccer team cannot be successful without the cooperation of all the players. No one person is more important than another. When practicing soccer, always try to practice with players who are more skilled than you are. This will help you to gain experience, while challenging yourself to play better. Older players can also help to guide you, and give you tips that they have learned over the years to help strengthen your game.Soccer coaches do not need to give as much feedback as other sports' coaches, so allow your players to be a bit ore independent. Once players are on the field, they need to make their own decisions about their plays, so allow them to do this without worrying about you interfering.One thing you should always avoid when playing soccer is being a ball hog. When you act this way, it makes it less likely that See A Great Deal More
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Keeping Burglars Out: Home Security Tips And Tricks

Carefully consider where you hide your outside spare key. Placing a key above a door or under a doormat is quite obvious! Try hiding your key on a lawn statue or in a potted plant. Hard-wired security systems can be a sound choice. Wireless systems are of course convenient, but unfortunately you have to change numerous sets of batteries regularly. Forgetting to add new batteries can cause your system to not work as it should. Replacing batteries can get costly.Your home's security depends on how secure your trash is. If you recently bought expensive electronic items, thieves may see the boxes in the trash and decide to return later on to grab the goods. The smallest of purchases may indicate you have something valuable in your home, making thieves believe you have things worth taking. Don't put your spare key in an obvious place near your front door. While it may seem like a convenient way to give you access to your home, intruders are aware of this practice. Burglars always know just where to look. Rather, give the key to a neighbor to hold.If you have a living room window that faces the street, draw your curtains at night. You shouldn't be inviting people to look at your stuff See A Great Deal More
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